Tuesday, 29 September 2009

500 Days of Summer


It's finally being released here..this Thursday!! No more standing at the back of the cinema watching the entire trailor. :)

Other great things that made my week:

* My brand new lovely, comfy double bed and my even lovelier plush red robe.
* My second 'A' for an assignment!! (Psychology)
* Wolf's reappearance on Outrageous Fortune.. "Hello Love." *swoon*
* Having my life incorporated into a puzzle on page 22 of Lucky Break magazine.
* Watching movies with Annie and Peter. Two of my very favourite people.
* 'Ellen'! Her dance moves totally rock my world!
* The 3D version of Up! I wanna be up, up in an air balloon!
* Frozen Cokes!!..and working at the cinema in general.
* University.

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